Generally, it is recommended that you keep your tires inflated somewhere between 32 and 35 PSI, and when this indicator light is on it means one or more of your wheels is significantly deflated. To find the correct inflation pressure look on the side of the driver's door, or on the tire itself. We can inflate your tires to the proper measurements and perform a tire rotation to ensure you are safe while on the road.


This is also known as the MIL, CHECK ENGINE LIGHT, or SERVICE ENGINE SOON. It is the light that warns of a potential malfunction in one or more emission control components in the Engine Control System. The most important thing to note is while your car is still able to be driven even after this indicator pops on, you should still get it checked out by a GM Certified technician to ensure you do not lose fuel economy over time. However, if it is flashing you will want to make an appointment immediately because this means your catalytic converter may be damaged. Let us perform a multi-point inspection to make sure everything is working correctly for you.


If oil pressure is low, this light illuminates on your dashboard. When this warning is on you should check your engine oil level, with the vehicle off, and if it is indeed low, add oil. If the light remains on, please bring it into Lambert Buick GMC to have a Certified Technician inspect your vehicle.


When you see this indicator light it means your engine is running too hot, and you should pull into a safe place to avoid overheating your engine any further. If you drive you vehicle for much longer it could result in damage to the engine. 


This could be a couple of issues, either your vehicle has a low charge or there's a malfunction in the electrical charging system. Inspect the drive belt for any breaks or looseness, and if you do not see anything but the problem persists, you may have a fault in the charging system or a faulty battery. Have Lambert Buick GMC look at your vehicle so we can prevent a no start situation.